Cotton candy clouds in my head

How is it February already? I meant to be more active here. I had things planned out. And then… well, nothing. Plus, my iPhone decided that I don’t need an access to all of my photos, and deleted them all. Fun times.

My photos are safe on iCloud (I think) and after multiple of reboots and deleting apps and music, my iPhone is more stable. Although it still refuses to update iOS.

At least I can edit photos on my iPad, if all else fails.

Tell me

tell me
of something fiercer
than the love with which
i gaze upon you

of something softer
than the tenderness
with which i hold you.

Sanober Khan

Today I wrote on my door in chalk: “Excuse the yelling. Filming in progress.”

The script was ready. It was in my hands. Absolutely perfect. I needed someone to read it though.

Eventually as I was running out of time, I had to resolve to read it as monologue myself.

I ran to the door and yelled: “Freddie!! NOOO!!!” And then stopped short realizing that I was probably making too much noise.

But I needed to film it because the script was so good.

And then I woke up.

And what did you dream of last night?

Bulldog princess

I met this adorably puppy (okay, so she is three years old, not exactly a puppy but still) last weekend and even managed to snap some photos of her. Even though she was mostly ignoring me. Her name is Stella and she gets extra kudos for enduring our aimless wandering through the park with nothing but a short breath. She is the most chill and calm dog I have ever seen.