Book Review: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

IMG_9176 I didn't know much about this book. I saw it recommended on booktube and it sounded really interesting. I got it from the library (had to wait 3 weeks, for some reason) and was surprised to see that it is not too thick and has illustrations. I read it in one sitting, after finishing The Fault In Our Stars, which probably wasn't such a smart move, seeing as there is an recurring theme of cancer (which I didn't know about "A Monster Calls").

But I loved this book so damn much.

It has a wonderful, unique story and absolutely gorgeous illustrations. Everything is black and white which adds to the atmosphere. The story is about a boy, Conor, who lives with his sick mother, and one day he is visited by a monster in the middle of the night. The boy is not scared, because even though it is a monster, it is not THE monster from THE nightmare. The monster tells him three stories, but Conor has to tell him the fourth. There is also an estranged father and a grandmother, with whom Conor has trouble connecting.

I can't say much because it will reveal the plot, but it is a gorgeous book, very touching, deep, emotional, and very captivating. Not to mention the art. THE ART. It is not a graphic novel, but the illustrations play a huge part, wonderfully adding to the narrative. If I had to define the genre, I'd say it is YA with magical realism elements.

I really want to own this book now. I really really want to.

But yes it should come with trigger warnings.

Rating: 5/5 stars.

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