Bookshelves Reorganization // August 30, 2015


My bookshelf reorganization looked way easier than it turned out to be. ???????? Probably this is the only good outcome (the opportunity to reorganize things) out of the whole mess.

On the rightΒ is the photo of my reorganized bookshelves. Took me almost an hour but I managed to cram everything in 3 shelves. ????????

From the bottom to the top:

1) The biggest books and hardbacks. Alexandre Dumas books (how many copies can you spot? ????), Sherlock Holmes, crime, sci-fi books and others.

2) My favourite shelf: high fantasy, Katherine Kurtz, Lynn Flewelling, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, etc; middle grade; Divergent series, contemporary, plays, classics. A complete mix but my favourite and well read books.

3) TBR/YA/recent purchases shelf. The majority of books are unread and also some are just first books in the series that I plan to buy and read later.