Event: Welcome To Night Vale Live Episode "The Investigation" // October 26, 2015

IMG_1100 Even though I was horribly jetlagged, I couldn't miss this! The live episode of WTNV called "The Investigation" was even funnier than "The Librarian" that I went to a year ago. Eliza Rickman was once again a special guest of the show. She did a great job, and was very funny, although she had a cold. (She did the show as part of her album tour, which is very exciting. I did support her on Kickstarter, but I haven't got her album yet - which reminds me that I probably should log in and see what's going on there.)

Disparition provided the live music during the show.

(Two of the funniest things that Eliza said were about how thanks to the sound engineer she was singing notes that do not exist during the soundcheck and that the picture of Cecil wearing one of her dresses during the last tour was one with the most popular pictures she posted on social media - and that they might do it again. XD)

Cecil was even better doing live show this time. (Also so handsome!) His little dialogue with Carlos was adorable. Especially, the FACES he was making during it. I swear, I love the podcast, but I wouldn't mind watching Cecil read it either! ;D

I really enjoyed myself. There were quite a few people in the crowd who came in full cosplay - so cool! I also scored a seat quite close to the stage which gave me an opportunity to take this photo!