My adventures in a Hugendubel store // German editions // Books

I love Hugendubel stores. No idea why. Maybe because I love book stores in general. I lovingly call Hugendubel  stores "bubble gum stores" (because of my inability to pronounce the name correctly XD). Every time I visit my friend in Munich, I go to one of those stores and browse for some time (hours). I have the most fun finding the books that I know and seeing the titles in German and the covers and how they compare to North American editions. IMG_0221

I love this cover! I like the original English cover too but this one is rather similar and it has "Fox craft" as a title, which a title of the series. The title is translated as "the fox magic". The English title is "The Taken".

I really want this book! Because of the foxes naturally XD

Here are two more middle grade books. I know nothing about these but I couldn't pass titles that mention musketeers, could I? ;)


A huge section with Cassandra Clair books. I haven't read those yet but I was excited to see different covers AND they kept English titles, which I found really curious.


More foxes!!


Andrew Smith's novel "100 sideways miles" has almost the same cover as North American edition (only the horse is black) and the title is similar.


Okay, e. lockhart's "We Are Liars" turned into "Until We Lie", which is very close. And "Eleanor & Park" is exactly the same title and cover.

But look at "Everything Everything" by Nicola Yoon! That's quite a change! It says "You Near Me" and below "And between us the whole world". A two word title turned into a two SENTENCES title. Very confused.

I felt a bit like a dork running around, taking pictures of books and blabbing about everything to my friend (she is a saint).

I did buy two books! Here we go.


I wanted to get something to read in German, as my knowledge has detiriorated quite a bit over the years. A friend on twitter suggested I buy this kids book "Emil und die Detektive" by Erich Kastner. And then I saw a quite decently sized paperback for only 4.99 euros! (Which is about 7CAD.) Percy Jackson book one "The Lightning Thief". I have never read any of Rick Riordan's books and perhaps it is time to start.

My TBR list is insanely long, so I honestly don't know when I will get to reading those books, but I am being hopeful :)