My Year in Books - 2015

goodreads2015 Here is my reading year at GoodReads:

I started my reading challenge in July and set a goal of 20 books. But I went far and beyond and finished the year at 70 books and 18,158 pages! Wow! I do hope that 2016 will be as good! I set up the goal of 70 books since this is what I already attained once.

My bro and I have been challenging each other as to who would read more books every year. And every year during that past 7-8 years, he always won.

Well, in 2015 I finally won! For the very first time! :) Even though I came very close once or twice ;) Need to mention that he used to read way more than me (150-200 books a year) but now he has no time with his job, and I managed to beat him :)

I am excited about all the books I plan to read in 2016!