Random Photo Challenge: Wrap-Up

I was so close, but Anya won fair and square as I missed the last day challenge. As a matter of fact, I only took pictures for the last challenge today. Eep. ? So here are all of my photos in descending order. Check out Anya's Instagram and blog for her photos.

I happened to purchase a new phone mid-challenge, so half of those pictures are taken by two different iPhones.

Challenge: Make a slideshow about old building
Title: "Old being swallowed by the new"
Date: October 7
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus






Challenge: Photograph two contrasting images (e.g. black and white in one photo, but not filter)
Title: "Tracks and art; reflection and ghosts"
Date: September 30
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus



Photo challenge


Challenge: Using maximum depth of field make an image of something in your house
Date: September 29
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus




Challenge: Make an image about colour with nothing straight
Title: Recent purchase
Date: September 28
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus




Challenge: A close-up image
Date: September 27
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus




Challenge: Using a red filter make an image of leaves/trees/nature
Date: September 26
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus



Challenge: Photograph a distorted image
Date: September 25
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus

(it was the very first photo I took with a new phone, and I still can't figure out how I did it.)



Challenge: Take a picture while using candlelight
Date: September 24
Camera: iPhone 6S

(I have a review of this book on my blog!)



Challenge: Photograph a small image about earth and mud
Date: September 23
Camera: iPhone 6S



Challenge: Make a vintage photograph
Date: September 22
Camera: iPhone 6S



Challenge: Create a peaceful image in a cafe or restaurant
Date: September 21
Camera: iPhone 6S


Reading in Starbucks


Challenge: Shoot a picture that says something about feeling happy
Date: September 20
Camera: iPhone 6S



Challenge: Photograph a picture about music
Date: September 19
Camera: iPhone 6S


Challenge: Photograph an image based on the title “Finding Life”
Date: September 18
Camera: iPhone 6S

Sadly, this plant is dead after a month of taking this photo. I am very sad ?


Finding life


Photo Challenge blog announcement

More of my photos

Book review: "Long Way Down" by Jason Reynolds

Musical review: Falsettos (Broadway Revival) - Live from Lincoln Center