Books: October wrap-up

I started writing down my November reading post and suddenly  realized that I forgot to post the list of books I read in October. Oops! My excuse is that I was away for 3 weeks in October and when I got back it was almost November. While I put together a small number of books that I planned to bring with me on vacation, besides my Kindle, but for better or worse I forgot to pack them! (I think it was actually for the better as I had a huge suitcase as it was.)


(This was supposed to be my October TBR, but alas!)

I didn't read much in October and I am surprised I read as much as I did. I did catch up with some ARCs, so that was good. All of the reviews are available on my GoodReads page -

Here is the list:

  1. Picture (Im)perfect by  Frankel, J.S. (novella, romance, 3/5 stars)
  2. Spanish Bay by  Hirschi, Hans M.  (m/m romance, 2/5 stars)
  3. Deadly Messengers by Susan May (mystery, 4/5 stars)
  4. Stranger in the Wizard's Tower by McNish, Deric (fantasy, m/m, 3.75/5 stars)

I have a feeling that I might have read more, but I am not sure right now. Out of all ARCs "Deadly Messengers" is definitely the best one.