I feel very 'meh' about Oscars this year

Not only I am not impressed by Oscars being "oh so white" but also none of the movies that I watched and liked at TIFF (with the exception of The Danish Girl) are nominated this year. I mean, in big categories. For the past few years, as a TIFF member, I had an opportunity to watch Oscars live at Bell Lightbox among other movie lovers. For free. That was the members perk.

This year they are charging everyone $100+ and I just don't feel it. I don't think it is reasonable to spend that much money for an opportunity to watch the ceremony celebrating the movies I do not care about.

(I did watch The Martian and I really enjoyed it but I feel that it is still inferior to the book AND does not really deserve an Oscar nomination. The fact that Black Mass was not nominated for the best picture is something I won't forgive the Academy. Not to mention nominations for Tom Hardy or Johnny Depo.)

I haven't seen The Revenant but I am pretty sure it will score the award as well as Leo. (Whom I have disliked for years and even though I do see his talent, I have no desire to watch the movies with him. Titanic has ruined this actor for me. *shudder*)

Seeing as I have no favourites in this race (except for, perhaps, Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander, and Tom Hardy), I may not even watch it at home. This is the first time in years my excitement for Oscars is this low.

Is anyone watching it tonight?