I have been a fan of Sherlock since late 2010. I watched first season in my hotel room in Granada, Spain. I was immediately captivated by the show (and Benedict’s Sherlock, let’s be honest here) and was crushed that there was only three episodes in the season.

Years later I am still a fan, even though the show is pretty much over. And I am going to the very first (and hopefully not last) official Sherlock Convention in North America. I had been waiting for them to do it in my part of the world for a while and once I learned that it would actually happen - I was beyond happy! I purchased my ticket the day it went on say - back in November 2016. Over 6 months ago! Crazy, I know!

I will try to blog/vlog and post on Instagram (@foxcloudsblog) during the convention. Hopefully, will take lots of pictures and will write my experience of the event afterwards (early June). It is going to be a massive event that stretches over 2.5 days, so I expect a lot of fun stuff planned.

I don’t have a particular schedule. I know that I will be going to all night parties (Friday - Sunday) and that I have one photoshoot scheduled on Friday (221B Baker Street set photo), but otherwise I am quite open. My primary objective is to go to many panels that delve into behind the scenes and filming process as it is what I am most interested in. The schedule is enormous and there are a lot of things to do!

I am not going to any of drinks receptions as those got sold out before I even realized that we needed to purchase tickets for them (considering the price of the entrance ticket, it was just too much). But I am happy that I will be going to all three night parties! Each party would have an individual theme (see in the schedule below) but I don’t think you need to specifically dress up for it. Unless you want to, of course.

So, I am going to provide below the information for the ticket that I personally purchased and the whole schedule for the convention (taken from the official website) with those events that I am most interested personally. It is for reference only, mostly for myself, so I can go back and match it with what I actually ended up doing.

Let me know if any of you is going and keep an eye on my Instagram @foxcloudsblog for Stories/Vlogs!



Official website:





Los Angeles Airport Marriott

5855 West Century Boulevard

Los Angeles


90045 USA



Friday 26th May, Saturday 27th May & Sunday 28th May 2017

Opening Times

Friday: Registration from 2pm. Event open 5pm - 8pm - Party till late.

Saturday: 9am to 6pm (Registration open from 8am) - Party till late.

Sunday: 9am to 6pm - Party till late.





Entry for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

All Talks in main hall

Unreserved seat in main hall (sides/back)

Silver Priority in Queues for Autos & Photos

1 x Friday Night Party Ticket

1 x Saturday Night Party Ticket

1 x Sunday Night Party Ticket

Exclusive Sherlocked USA Button and Lanyard




During the weekend visitors will be sorted by two groups – the Baker Street Track and the Diogenes Club Track, this is to enable everybody the chance to attend the talks.

When you purchase your ticket you will have two options for each ticket type – you chose at purchase if you want to be in the Baker Street Track or the Diogenes Club Track by selecting the ticket type with that name associated with it – ie: if you have decided to buy the silver ticket, you chose either Silver Baker Street or Silver Diogenes Club.


This is purely to manage numbers sitting down for each talk in the halls – there is no additional benefits to choosing one over the other, visitors will receive the same access and items associated with the ticket type regardless of the track you choose – the only thing to consider is if you are going with friends you may wish to choose the same track ticket so you can sit in the same talks.






Friday Schedule

Registration Open: 1400 - 2000


Workshop Area

1700 - 1900    Ribbon Swap

Join us for a social meet up once you have arrived for a chance to start collecting and swapping your convention ribbons!  Great opportunity to meet your fellow attendees for the weekend.


Photo Shoot A

1700 - 1800    Origami for Beginners

Our first session of the weekend for those of you wishing to learn some simple origami skills. See what you can do with just a piece of paper!

1815 - 1900    Cosplay Countdown

Join Abie to discuss your outfits or get last minute advice or late fixes for your cosplay.  Plus it's a great chance to meet fellow cosplayers!


Photo Shoot B

1700 - 1900    Drawing Workshop

Ever wanted to learn how to draw your favourite characters from Sherlock, or simply improve your skills?  Try the first of our workshops!


221b Set Photo Shoot Open: 1700 - 2000


Dealers Room Open: 1700 - 2000


Drinks Receptions (location to be confirmed)

1800 - 1900    Drinks Reception A - SOLD OUT

1930 - 2030    Drinks Reception B - SOLD OUT


Screening Room

1910 - 2000    Ice Cream Social **

Join Louis Moffat as he hosts the Sherlocked Ice-Cream Social - a place to meet fellow attendees over ice-cream!  Free ice cream available whilst stocks last.

2100 - 2300     Karaoke **

Show off your singing skills with fellow attendees. Take a turn on the mic at the Karaoke!


Main Hall

2000 - 0200    Friday Night Party **

The theme is 'Chinese Circus'


Saturday Schedule


All times listed are in LA local times.

Registration Desk Open - 0800 - 1800


Main Hall

0900 - 0945    Opening Ceremony

Hosted by Tony Lee with special guests

1000 - 1045    The Birth of an Episode

Arwel Jones & Sue Vertue talk about the production process. Hosted by Tony Lee.

1100 - 1145    Body Positivity

Join our cosplay host Abie to discuss the importance of body positivity and cosplay.

1215 - 1300    Performance Hub

A chance to see the entries to the Performance Hub competition and see who wins the coveted cash prize!  Hosted by Abie and featuring special guests.

1300 - 1400    Lunch Break

1405 - 1450    The Sign of Three

Arwel Jones, Amanda Abbington and Alistair Petrie discuss all that went into bringing the wedding reception to life.

1505 - 1550    Would You Like A Cup of Tea?

The Kettle is over there... Join Una Stubbs, Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton as they discuss their careers and working on Sherlock. Hosted by Tony Lee.

1605 - 1650    Sherlocked Auction

Join the Sherlocked Team as rare items from the TV Show and more go under the hammer!

1705 - 1750    Every Good Fairytale Needs a Villian

Andrew Scott takes to the stage for the last panel of the day.  Hosted by Tony Lee.


2000 - 0200    Saturday Night Party**

The theme is 'London Calling'



Workshop Area

1000 - 1045    Origami for Beginners

Joel Stern will be on hand to teach attendees the art of origami.

1100 - 1145    Meet & Greet - Sue Vertue

Tickets only available via a ballot system - visit the Sales desk on Friday/Saturday morning for more details.

1200 - 1245    Meet & Greet - Andrew Scott

Bids can be made at the Sales Desk for this unique encounter with Moriarty!

1405 - 1450    Chaos Costuming Activity

Who doesn't need a little chaos in their lives?  Fans of cosplay can meet the challenge by attending this workshop. Hosted by Abie and Louis Moffat.

1505 - 1550    Drawing Sherlock

Learn the basics and more when it comes to drawing our favourite consulting detective!

1605 - 1650 - Meet & Greet - Una Stubbs & Louis Moffat

Bids can be made at the Sales Desk for an encounter with the land lady and young Sherlock

1705 - 1750    Production Workshop

Arwel Jones will share some on-set secrets of the prop-master, and how certain looks may be acheived.


Photo Shoot A

1000 - 1045    Mark Gatiss - Gold Batches A, B, C, D, E, F & G

1050 - 1135    Amanda Abbington - Gold Batches C, D, E, F, G H & I

1140 - 1225    Una Stubbs - Gold Batches D, B, C, A, E, H & I

1230 - 1300    Wanda Ventham & Timothy Carlton - Gold Batches A, B, C, D, E & F

1405 - 1505    Andrew Scott - Gold Batches A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H

1510 - 1615    Cosplay Photo Shoot

1620 - 1705    Amanda Abbington - Gold Batches J, K, L, A & B

1720 - 1750    Finding the Canon in Sherlock

A fan discussion to look at how much of the canon appears in Sherlock


Photo Shoot B

0950 - 1035    Alistair Petrie - Gold Batches C, D, E, F, G, H & I

1040 - 1125    Louis Moffat - Gold Batches A, B, C, D, E, F, G

1130 - 1215    Arwel Jones - Gold Batches A, B, C, D, E & F

1220 - 1250    Steven Moffat & Sue Vertue - Gold Batches - A, B, C, D, E & F

1405 - 1450    Meet & Greet - Steven Moffat

Tickets only available via a ballot system - visit the Sales desk on Friday/Saturday morning for more details.


1505 - 1550    Meet & Greet - Alistair Petrie

Place your bids at the Sales Desk for this unique encounter with Alistair.

1605 - 1650    Andrew Scott - Silvers & Standards

1705 - 1750    Cosplay on a Budget

Join Abie to discuss hints and tips to save you money when working on new cosplay outfits!


221b Set Photo Shoot

1000 - 1145    Standard Set Photo Shoots

1150 - 1210    Holmes Family on 221b Set Photo shoot

1405 - 1645    Standard Set Photo Shoots

1645 - 1715    Mark Gatiss on Set Photo

1715 - 1800    Standard Set Photo Shoots


Dealers Room Open - 1000 - 1750

Screening Room

1000 - 1225    Enjoy your favourite Sherlock episodes

1230 - 1300    Being Major Sholto

Alistair Petrie will view and commentate on his time as Major Sholto as we watch some of his scenes.

1405 - 1435    Mycroft's Movie Night

Mark Gatiss will relive Mycroft's movie night as he views the scenes from the episode and comments on filming the sequence.

1435 - 1600    Enjoy your favourite Sherlock episodes

1605 - 1650    Setlocked

The Baker Street Babes and Arwel Jones discuss being on location and the experiences they have had when production leaves the studio.


2045 - 2220    The Great British Sherlocked Quiz **

In the style of a traditional british 'pub' quiz, a time to test your knowledge on different subjects, but mostly Britain and Sherlock.


Art Exhibition Area

1735 - 1750    Sherlocked Portrait Winner

The announcement of the winner of Sherlocked USA's Portrait competition.


Drinks Receptions (location to be confirmed)

1800 - 1900    Drinks Reception A - SOLD OUT

1930 - 2030    Drinks Reception B - SOLD OUT


Sunday Schedule


Registration Desk Open - 0900 - 1800


Main Hall

 0900 - 0945    Science of Deduction

Exploring common techniques used to make simple deductions and how they apply to Sherlock.  Hosted by Baker Street Babes

1000 - 1045    Get Out of My House You Reptile

Una Stubbs and Mark Gatiss take to the stage to discuss what they really think about Mrs Hudson vs Mycroft. Hosted by Tony Lee.

1100 - 1145    Baker Street Babes Podcast

The Baker Street Babes record their latest podcast, with special guests.

1200 - 1255    Cosplay Masquarade

Join our cosplay host Abie as she presents the Sherlocked USA Cosplay Masquerade with cash prizes for the best costumes!

1300 - 1400    Lunch Break

1405 - 1450    Meet the Makers

Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue discuss all things Sherlock and its continued success.

1505 - 1550    Being a Sherlock Fan

Join the panel to discuss the dedication and commitment needed to be a Sherlock fan.

1600 - 1645    Marvellous Mary Morstan

Amanda Abbington talks about being Mary and joining the cast of Sherlock in season 3.  Hosted by Tony Lee.

1700 - 1800    The Amazing Sherlocked Game Show

Not to be missed! Our guests will be on stage to take part in a very special game show.  Pick your side and enjoy the ride!  Hosted by Tony Lee.


Location to be confirmed

2000 - 2300    Sunday Night Party **

The theme is 'Moriarty's Pool Party'


Work Shops

0900 - 0945    The Game is On

Learn about board games in development.

1000 - 1045    Meet & Greet - Amanda Abbington

Place your bids at the Registration Desk for this unique encounter with Mary!

1100 - 1200    Origami Workshop

Another chance to perfect your paper folding skills!

1215 - 1255    Drawing Sherlock

Learn the basics and more when it comes to drawing our favourite consulting detective!

1405 - 1450    Meet & Greet - Andrew Scott

Place your bids at the Sales Desk for this unique encounter with Moriarty.

1505 - 1550    Meet & Greet - Mark Gatiss

Place your bids at the Sales Desk for the opportunity for this unique encounter with Mycroft.

1600 - 1645    Meet & Greet - Steven Moffat & Louis Moffat

Tickets only available via a ballot system - visit the Sales desk on Saturday/Sunday for more details.


Photo Shoot A

0900 - 0930    Amanda Abbington Aquarium Shoot

0945 - 1035    Andrew Scott - Gold Batches I, J, K, L - Silver & Standards

1045 - 1120    Arwel Jones - Gold Batches J, K, L, G, H & I - Silver & Standards

1125 - 1155    Wanda Ventham & Timothy Carlton 1 - Gold Batches G, H, I, J, K & L

1200 - 1300    Sue Vertue & Steven Moffat - Gold Batches G, H, I, J, K & L - Silver & Standards

1405 - 1435    Cosplay Photo Shoot

1440 - 1500    Wanda Ventham & Timothy Carlton 2 - Silver & Standards

1600 - 1645    Writing Workshop

Get professional tips and advice on perfecting your writing skills.  Hosted by 221 Breakfast Club.


 Photo Shoot B

0915 - 1000    Alistair Petrie - Gold Batches J, K, L, A & B - Silver & Standards

1005 - 1050    Louis Moffat - Gold Batches J, K, L, H & I Silver & Standards

1055 - 1140    Una Stubbs - Gold Batches J, K, L, F & G - Silver & Standards

1145 - 1230    Mark Gatiss - Gold Batches J, K, L, H & I - Silver & Standards

1405 - 1450    Chaos Costuming

Join Abie and Alistair Petrie for another challenge.  Are your cosplay skills ready?

1505 - 1550    Production Workshop

Arwel Jones shares more secrets and demonstrates some simple techniques to create some amazing props.

1600 - 1645    Cosplay on a Budget

Our cosplay host Abie shares some more hints and tips for creating amazing cosplay... on a budget.



221b Set Photo Shoot

0900 - 0930    Production Group Photo Shoot

1045 - 1205    Standard Set Photo Shoots

1215 - 1235    Una Stubbs on 221b Set Photo shoot

1240 - 1300    Cast Group Photo Shoot

1405 - 1550    Standard Set Photo Shoots

1600 - 1645    Andrew Scott on 221b Set Photo Shoot


Dealers Room Open - 0900 - 1645


 Screening Room

0900 - 0930    Animal Instincts

A closer look at the animals of Sherlock

0930 - 1130    Enjoy your favourite Sherlock episodes

1130 - 1200    Up On the Roof

Andrew Scott relives and comments on those now infamous rooftop scenes between Moriarty and Sherlock just before that fall.

1200 - 1500    Enjoy your favourite Sherlock episodes

1500 - 1530    Mrs Hudson and THAT car chase scene

Una Stubbs and Steven Moffat discuss the most surprising, and thoroughly enjoyable, scene of season 4!

1530 - 1600    Enjoy your favourite Sherlock moments

1600 - 1645    Setlocked

Baker Street Babes and Arwel Jones discuss location filming in public places.


**     Evening activity - Only applicable to some ticket types, check the Tickets page for more details.

 Please note that the schedule overrides the days listed on any photo shoot tickets already purchased.  Photo Shoots will be called as VIP/Gold first, then Silvers and then standards.  Your photo will now by called by group and happen on either Saturday or Sunday depending on your assigned group.  You will be notified of your Group Letter in an email prior to the event.

 Groups for Gold Package Holder for autographs and photo shoots will also be made clear on arrival when you collect your pass.   The allocation of group letters is based on when tickets were purchased.

 Autographs are not scheduled, but will happen at times over the weekend when the guest is not busy with a photo shoot, busy with a talk or on a break.

 At this time the separate tracks 'Baker Street' and 'Diogenes Club' are not shown on the schedule as attendee numbers do not require their activation.

 VIP's will be contacted shortly by their VIP Liaison Kelly, who will let them know their additional schedule.

 Schedule is correct at time of published and may be subject to change prior to the event.  Any updates will be amended at the earliest opportunity but please check the schedules at the event to ensure you don't miss out.  This schedule was published as correct on May 15th 2017..