New Art Journal // June 2015


Since I am running out of pages in my Moleskine sketchbook (and it works way better with pens and pencils than mixed media), I decided to start a new art journal. I saw a video in which some people use decomposed notebooks as art journals by gluing several pages together. I decided to try the same, but I didn't want to buy a notebook for it but rather re-used the old notebook from college. I glued 5 pages together and even though they warped, the page became thick enough for me to use layers of paint. I did gesso it too though.

So here are several layers of gouache and spray ink. I wanted to create the effect of storm clouds (and obviously failed). The colours look darker in the artificial light, but I still like the result.

This is my first page. I did three pages in one go (because I had extra paint left), but I will post them later.

I like the idea of reusing the old notebooks, but gluing them together with a regular school glue deforms the pages too much. Glue stick is better, although I ran out of glue stick by the time I finished gluing the pages in the notebook. Also a couple of pages came loose, so I will have to tape those extra.

I will definitely buy a new watercolour (preferably) sketchbook or pad later, but for now this is what I am using.