August TBR // July 31, 2015

So here is my TBR list for August! Some of these books I have already started reading, so I am hoping that I will get through this list no problem:
  • Andy Weir "The Martian" (I bought this book 2 days ago and I am already half through it! The movie based on this book is premiering at TIFF in September this year and I am SO pumped to see it!)
  • Charles Bukowski "Absence of The Hero: Uncollected Stories and Essays Vol.2 1946-1992" (I got it from the library and I have read the half of the book although I admit that it is a slow progress, as I do not enjoy it as much as vol.1.)
  • Margaret Atwood "Moral Disorder And Other Stories" (I had it on my July TBR and I didn't read it, so I am adding it again)
  • Maggie Stiefvater "Shiver" (I plan to start this series in August)
  • John Green "The Fault in Our Stars" (I haven't seen the movie and I don't think I would, so I'd rather read the book)
  • Vera Brosgol "Anya's Ghost" (I saw it mentioned on booktube and got it from the library; it is a graphic novel)
  • Andrew Smith "Grasshopper Jungle" (It was recommened by Regan at "peruseproject" on YouTube and it sounds fantastic, so I am really excited about reading it - also a library book)

In July I got 4 ARCs from the authors on GoodReads (one is a hard copy with a gorgeous cover, and three are ebooks). I started one of ebooks and I really like it so far. I hope I will finishΒ it as well in August.

Seeing as it is the last day of July and I am already half way through two of the books on my list, I have very high hopes for this month! I am trying to balance the types of genres I am reading, so I have YA, fantasy, contemporary, a graphic novel, a collection of short stories, sci-fi and a dystopia. I am VERY excited! :D

p.s. I need to stop buying books. And stop requesting books at the library too.