Art Journal: Drawing with Watercolours // Timelapse

[embed][/embed] Disclaimer: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DRAWING. I suck and I know that. I doodle because it helps with my anxiety or just makes me feel better. I start drawing without knowing what I am going to draw. I just go with the flow.

I decided to make a time lapse video of me drawing. Just because I wanted to do a time lapse video for awhile and enjoy watching art journal videos. (And yes I am quite bad at drawing anything with either of my hands as evidenced by this video.)

I used watercolours, generic brushes and a sketchbook I got from a local store.

New Year Resolutions

I'm quite aware it is February ;) I wrote those down a month ago, but never got to share them.

  • read 70 books*
  • listen to 10 audiobooks
  • see 10 theatre plays
  • watch 50 movies
  • start art journal again
  • write more
  • blog regularly (once a day)
  • take more photos and share them
  • consistently write book reviews
  • write plays/events reviews
  • take care of my health
  • start going to the gym again
  • travel to new places
  • meet new people
  • smile every day

*I set my goal at GoodReads for 70 books as well, but it is not the same. On GoodReads I keep track of both books and audiobooks, but in my journal I keep them separate. Which means that I will hit my GoodReads goal before my personal one.

I must say that my book reading challenge is going quite nicely AND I have already listened to 10 audiobooks, so that is quite encouraging :D

I also started a new art journal. I hope to keep doing that throughout the year.

I still suck at writing and posting reviews right after the events/plays/reading books. But I am working on it!

Doodles In The Park // August 15-16, 2015


I haven't posted any pages from my art journal for over a month. I did some art journaling and doodling in June, but when July came I wasn't very inspired and at the end of July due to some circumstances I had to pack all of my things. All of my art stuff is still packed. I did sneak out one journal and a handful of pens.

So here are some of my weirdly dimensional doodles in the park.

New Sketchbook // June 30, 2015


I started a new sketchbook. So far I am happy with only two pages (this is the title page). The paper is more toothy and rough than Moleskine sketchbook and I find it more challenging to draw zentangles and doodles =( But I tried acrylic paint on it and watercolours and although this sketchbook is meant for light washes only, even acrylic looks fine. Watercolours look better though!

Art Supplies


God help me, I bought more art supplies!

My first acrylic paints (already tried them and they are so smooth!) and I am almost done with my current art journal, so I purchased two. Once is very heavy thick paper perfect for mixed media (on the left), and the other is a sketchbook but is also suitable for light washes (on the right). And pens. More pens. And finally a white permanent marker that actually works! Sadly it is not a fine tip, but I am managing.

I also got glossy gel medium. Which is awesome but it is sooo sticky and disgusting when it gets on my fingers. Worse then glue :(

But I am very excited and I am already trying all of these :D

Fleur de lis // June 2015


My little tribute to my favourite novels and tv show.

These are the loose pages that came off while I was gluing the pages together. I glued them together too and used this page to dispose of extra paint left after my first page.

And then this happened. Fleur de lis is a bit askew because I initially intended to trim the left side, but I didn't.  Not the best page I've ever done, but I like the texture. All colours are gouache paint, except for yellow - pencil.

New Art Journal // June 2015


Since I am running out of pages in my Moleskine sketchbook (and it works way better with pens and pencils than mixed media), I decided to start a new art journal. I saw a video in which some people use decomposed notebooks as art journals by gluing several pages together. I decided to try the same, but I didn't want to buy a notebook for it but rather re-used the old notebook from college. I glued 5 pages together and even though they warped, the page became thick enough for me to use layers of paint. I did gesso it too though.

So here are several layers of gouache and spray ink. I wanted to create the effect of storm clouds (and obviously failed). The colours look darker in the artificial light, but I still like the result.

This is my first page. I did three pages in one go (because I had extra paint left), but I will post them later.

I like the idea of reusing the old notebooks, but gluing them together with a regular school glue deforms the pages too much. Glue stick is better, although I ran out of glue stick by the time I finished gluing the pages in the notebook. Also a couple of pages came loose, so I will have to tape those extra.

I will definitely buy a new watercolour (preferably) sketchbook or pad later, but for now this is what I am using.

This Is Not A Book // June 5, 2015


Finally the page I am really proud of!

These are the cut pieces of masking tape that I used on another page (to prevent paint from getting into other pages) and it has layers of various blue paint on it. I swear they look like tiny images of the sea. I didn't exactly follow the instructions but I did drop a couple of drops of ink (staining my laptop again).

I love the colour and I find this page very soothing. Well done me. :D