August Wrap-Up // September 4, 2015


So, here is the list of books I read in August:

  • Andy Weir “The Martian” (my review)
  • Charles Bukowski “Absence of The Hero: Uncollected Stories and Essays Vol.2 1946-1992” [I didn't really like it as much as I expected]
  • Margaret Atwood “Moral Disorder And Other Stories” [I started it but I am still reading]
  • John Green “The Fault in Our Stars” (my review)
  • Vera Brosgol “Anya’s Ghost” (my review)
  • Andrew Smith “Grasshopper Jungle” (my review)
  • Patrick Ness "A Monster Calls" (my review)
  • Sharon Cameron "Rook" [still reading - almost done]
  • Justin MacCormack "Twilight of the Faerie - Book 1: Spring" [the ebook I was sent to review - my review is on GoodReads]

Compare it to my planned TBR list.

I didn't read "Shiver" by Maggie Stiefvater as I really want to marathon the whole series, but I still haven't bought book 3. I also started but haven't finished Margaret Attwood's collection of short stories. But I did read one eBook which was not on the list and I almost finished "Rook", so it was a really good reading month! Almost all of the books I've read were fantastic!

But if I have to choose, The Martian, A Monster Calls and Grashopper Jungle are my favourite reads of the month.